Molly Oldfield

Molly Oldfield is a British writer who studied History at Oxford before she becoming a QI elf, writing questions for the BBC quiz show, researching lots of books, a radio show called The Museum of Curiosity and writing a weekly column in The Saturday Telegraph.

One day the fish curators at the Natural History Museum invited her to go and look behind the scenes at their enormous collection of fish. She discovered 99% of a museum’s collection never goes on show. Realising that what you see in the pubic galleries of a museum are just the tip of the iceberg she set off on an adventure to dive deep into the hidden realms of museums around the world. She spent two years delving into huge warehouses, secret basements and aircraft hangars to find stories for The Secret Museum, a book about all the things that are in museums that rarely, if ever go on display.

Molly has published three amazing books; The Secret Museum, Wonders of the World-s Museums and Natural Wonders of the World. She is currently working on her fourth book to be published in 2020. Molly is an excellent podcaster with her very popular childrens podcast Everything Under The Sun. Children from around the world can send in their curious questions about everything and anything for Molly and her team of experts to answer.

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